Top 5 Moving Tips to Germany

Tip #1

Inform everyone you know that you are relocating to Germany – colleagues, good friends, family, and next-door neighbors. You may meet friends-of-friends in the nation when you let numerous people know that you are moving.


Tip #2

Check out on the Internet as much as you can about your brand-new home. You can find a lot of terrific resources online that will help you know what to do before you get in Germany, and to know what to do when you show up.


Tip #3

Purchase a “the best ways to speak German” CD set, and start paying attention to them ASAP. Learning even simply 5 or 10 fundamental words and expressions before you show up will help you a lot. Also, purchase a little German expression book that you can bring around with you quickly and a German-English/English-German dictionary.


Tip #4

Keep a mailing address in the USA, even if you are offering your house. Ask your parents, brother or sisters or a buddy if they would want to be your “irreversible” address in the United States and regularly get mail for you. Or you might keep a P.O. Box, which a buddy or relative can keep for you. Also, keep a U.S. savings account open. Electronic banking is SUCH a true blessing for people living abroad.


Tip #5

Take winter season clothes like sweatshirts, thick socks, and so on and anything that works well in the rain. Take shoes you prefer to stroll in and do not mind getting damp. Leave the tee shirts and sweatshirts with advertisements and mottos and logo designs on them in your home unless you ,  wish to relay you are from the USA at all times, or will not have enough clothes to use otherwise. Plain tee shirts and sweatshirts are a better idea.